Senior Post Production Executive 

Amazon Studios (2020-Present)

Freelance Post Production Supervisor & VFX Producer

TV Series 

Amazon Studios (2019 to 2020) LOL2, El Presidente, CRTS – Endemolshine Boomdog, 3Pas, Gaumont, Fábula, Redrum & Amblin

  • Supervise post production for streaming shows, while providing support to showrunner/director and executive producer by overseeing the editorial team, post workflow, reviews, color and sound mix session, dealing with vendors and final delivery for streaming.
  •  Responsible for overseeing the revisions and deliveries of VFX of different vendors while managing outsourcing and schedules.

VFX Production Manager

VFX Film & TV 

Temprimental Films, INC. ( 2018 to 2019 ) Slender Man, The Possession of Hannah Grace, Where’d You Go Bernadette, Wounds, Grudge and Shark Tank

  • Responsible for managing VFX workflow process from production to final delivery for several studio film features (Screen Gems, Sony). Overseeing vendors, schedules and review sessions with editorial, producers, studio executives and directors.

Senior VFX Coordinator

VFX TV, Film & Commercials, Interactive Digital Content, Theme Park Entertainment & Original IP

EightVFX( 2018 to Present), CoSA VFX (2017-2018), Pixomondo (2017), Mirada Studios (2016), Troublemaker Studios (2008-2011)

  • Responsible for assisting producers, VFX supervisors, previs and production team on various ongoing projects. Track tasks in Shotgun, take notes during internal and client reviews, help with shot ingest and i/o, while offering additional support to the VFX department as needed.
  • On-set experience and responsible to obtain reference elements for VFX shots like camera notes, plates, color charts, and HDRIs.

Post Production Supervisor

Fictitious –  Disney Channel (2016)

  • Supervised post production of three commercials, while providing support to director and producer by overseeing the editorial team, reviews, color and sound mix session, dealing with vendors and final delivery for broadcasting.

Post Production Coordinator

Radical Media (2016-2017), El Rey Network (2015-2016), Magical Elves (2014), Megalomedia (2012-2014)

  • Responsible for assisting during the post-production process and final delivery of show. Organizing and preparing all materials required by clients, working closely with producers, editors, and AEs, performing QCs of episodes and offering additional support to Post Production team.

Production Coordinator

D’Avant Garde Media – Commercials & Branded Content (2015), 8i Inc. – Virtual Reality (2014-2015)

  • Aid Executive Producer, Creative Director and Head of Production during pre-production, production and post. Responsible for inputting invoices, handling all office paperwork, supervising PAs, dealing with vendors, as well as closely working with directors, producers and studio managers.
Director & Producer’s Assistant
Exclusive Media / Walleye Productions – Parkland (Jan. to Feb. 2013)
Participant Media / Barracuda Productions, LLC – Snitch (Oct. 2011 to Jul. 2012)
  • Assisted the producers during pre-production and production by managing schedule, meetings, appointments, travel and other needs while on set.
  • Assisted the director on set by keeping track of editorial notes, script notes, and shot lists.
  • Provided additional support to Reel FX by monitoring shots that would require visual effects, taking camera notes, and reference needed for post-production.
  • Assisted the director during pre-production, production and post-production by managing schedule, meetings, appointments, proof reading scripts, updating shot lists and storyboards.
  • Nuke work focusing on tracking and shot cleanups.
Writer, Director & Producer 

Bloodbank Productions (2004 to Present)

Last Interview, 100 Meals, La Pared, Entre Lineas, Bienvenido, The Unnamed, Bump in The Night, Becoming an Action Hero & Windows

  • Author of all scripts, responsible for the creative development, pre-production, production and post-production process. Experienced director to Ariel Winning actors like Joaquin Cosio, Roberto Sosa, Hector Bonilla and Perla de la Rosa. Skilled producer in the US and Mexico, responsible for managing productions, crew, and cast on-location.
  • Responsible for capturing, logging, syncing sound with video, and editing film.
  • Internationally showcased Award Winning Films, earned Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenwriter awards in the US and Mexico. Films have also showcased at Universities for Hispanic Heritage Month and film events, as well as the Women’s International Showcase of Film and TV in Mexico City. Honoree of The Princess Grace Foundation – Cary Grant Award and selected for 2016 Artist Academy at the New York Film Festival.

The Last Date – Pineda Films, 2014


Grey Hare Films, 2010 – 2011


Frente Noreste Film, 2010

Post-Production Supervisor. 



  • Final Cut Studio Pro – DVD Studio Pro, Compressor
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • After Effects
  • Nuke – 2D Compositing
  • Final Draft
  • Filemaker
  • Shotgun
  • FTrack
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quickbooks 


  • English
  • Spanish


MFA Degree in Film Production at The University of Texas at Austin. 2008

Awarded Cary Grant Film Award by The Princess Grace Foundation 2007

Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and Film at The University of Texas at El Paso. 2002

Graduated with Cum Laude Honors